Mental Health & Yoga: Bringing mental health friendliness to ALL yoga classes

Mental health. We all have it. As regular practitioners of yoga, we have experienced the positive connection yoga can play in maintaining our overall wellbeing as well as the effects an absence of yoga can create. Knowingly or not, all yoga teachers are already teaching to people experiencing mental ill-health, varying levels of anxiety and depression being the most common. How can we utilise our knowledge, skills and compassion as yoga teachers to allow for our existing classes to better support all students?

In this general mental health friendly yoga workshop we will explore:

  • The powerful impact of language in a class
  • The significance of encouraging students' own choices during their practice
  • Considerations to make to create a safer physical practice space
  • A general overview of anxiety, depression and how they can also co-exist
  • When and why some yoga techniques are appropriate and when and why not
  • Bridging the gap between 'mainstream' yoga classes and 'specialised' yoga classes
  • Healthy boundaries, scope of practice and confidentiality
  • Eliminating fear / rescue mentality surrounding mental ill-health
  • Participate in a yoga asana class that is also mental health friendly

This Workshop is worth 3 CPD points.

Yoga found Christa in 1999 while living in Vancouver, Canada. She moved to Perth, Australia in 2001 and continued her practice at Greenwood Yoga Academy and 8 Limbs Ashtanga Yoga. Christa became an accredited yoga teacher in 2014 studying under Gregor Maehle and Dr Monica Gauci. She has furthered her studies in yoga for persistent pain (Finding Yoga), trauma sensitive yoga (Trauma Centre), yin yoga (Jo Phee) and restorative yoga (Jillian Pransky). She currently delivers public and private classes at yoga shalas, mental health clinics and multicultural centres.

Christa's past life involved careers in adventure travel, media promotions and community mental health. Prior to her life revolving around yoga, she also taught dance and dance therapy classes. Christa's passion is creating community connections and keeping yoga truly accessible to all those who wish to experience it. When not teaching yoga, she practices yoga around her two dogs and two cats, bookworms and very occasionally plays her neglected cello.

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