Do you want to become a yoga teacher or
just deepen your understanding of yoga?

Our signature Diploma of Yoga Teaching gives you 460 hours of expert training, which will set you up with the best skills, in-depth knowledge and most importantly, hands-on practical experience to get you teaching and practicing yoga with confidence.

  • Comprehensive and extensive training
    From a faculty of very experienced lecturers with decades of teaching experience. All classes are based on proven adult educational learning methods.

  • 50 years teaching and perfecting this course
    We are the longest running yoga teacher training provider in Australia. No other organisation has been training people to teach yoga as long as we have.

  • Not-for-profit organisation focused solely on yoga teaching
    We’re not in it to make the big bucks, but rather because we’re passionate about yoga and ensuring quality teaching.

  • Internationally recognised qualification
    Train with us and have your qualifications recognised worldwide, enabling you to teach anywhere.

Amy Seal
Class of 2015

After having children and not looking to get back into full time work, I took time to think about what I wanted to do. I thought about my strengths - I am a very empathetic person and I like to support and help people. This made me think about how much yoga had supported my mind and body over the years and how I wanted to learn more - the history, the philosophy, the physiology, the meaning of yoga.

I signed up to the IYTA Diploma of Yoga Teaching and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was comprehensive and challenging at times, but I was so proud of myself for completing it. I have continued my studies and enrolled in the IYTA Pre and Post Natal course this year. I have made many wonderful friends and met some of the most amazing teachers and mentors. Since graduating, I have taught seniors classes, private classes and prenatal classes.

Full Support

We will support you throughout your training and beyond. You won’t just get your certificate and that’s it. We'll be there for you after you graduate to answer those niggling questions that come up when you first start to teach, and to provide a community of likeminded people where you can share your experiences. We also offer ongoing courses, workshops, and information.

As a student you'll automatically become a member of the IYTA, and once you graduate you'll have your own page on our website where you can promote your classes. You will also become a lifelong member of our alumni community and part of a diverse group of yoga teachers around the world.

Flexible Study Options

We’re flexible. We understand that life isn’t always straight forward, and people have many family, work and personal commitments. As such, you don’t need to attend the course in person, as we provide an option to learn online via correspondence.

We’re pretty proud of this course. Well we’ve been enhancing and perfecting it over almost 50 years, so we reckon we’ve become pretty good at knowing what works and how best to train yoga teachers.

In-Depth Knowledge

Our Yoga Teacher Training course takes 12 months. It might seem like a long time, training for 12 months to become a teacher, when there are other much shorter courses. But, we want you to become an effective, proficient and confident teacher, with the knowledge and understanding to support this.

Unlike shorter courses, our Diploma gives you the time to fully ingrain and reflect on what you have learnt and put this into practice before you first get on the mat in front of a room full of students. This is what sets our graduates apart.

We have been supporting students through their yoga studies and setting them up on their path to becoming a yoga teacher for 50 years.

An invitation to Diploma of Yoga Teaching

Nopi Pappas
Class of 2015

I have practiced yoga for 12 years and graduated with a Diploma of Yoga Teaching from IYTA in 2015. I’m passionate about living a holistic, healthy lifestyle and have first hand experience on how and why Yoga can help to cultivate a healthy mind and body. It’s my desire to share my knowledge, experience and benefits of Yoga with my students.

I chose the IYTA Diploma of yoga because of its in-depth curriculum. I wanted to go beyond asana and class planning to gain knowledge for myself to answer the how and why questions of how I had personally benefited from a 12 year yoga practice. I believe the IYTA diploma has given me the knowledge and confidence to be able to share yoga and the benefits of practice (my knowledge thus far) with my students. The friendly and supportive staff and lectures were an added and much appreciated bonus.

I started teaching right away! Currently I’m teaching a six week beginners yoga course and filling in for another studio teacher when needed.

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