2018 IYTA AGM & Your Radical Reboot Retreat

CPD Points: 16

When: 4:00pm Fri to 3:00pm Sun, Friday, 19 Oct 2018 - Sunday, 21 Oct 2018

Where: Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga and Meditation Centre, Wilton

IYTA Member Price: $415 / Non-member: $465
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Join us for a fabulous retreat with Robyn Lynch. Whether it’s you or it’s the people you work with, live with or teach; our busy and hectic lives and schedules can cause us to become unbalanced, overwhelmed and even stuck! We have all the tools at our disposal to navigate our path through life with ease and grace, however at times it seems so far from where we are right now.

“Mind, soul and body – these three are like a tripod – the world is sustained by their combination; they constitute the substratum for everything. This (the combination of these three) is Purusa; this is sentient and this is the subject matter for this Veda (Ayurveda); it is for this, that this Veda is brought to light.”

Caraka Samhita

Ayurveda tells us that our birth-rite is karma, fulfilment of desire, Dharma – fulfilment of purpose, Artha – attainment of wealth and Moksha – freedom from the world. Ayurveda opens the doors to accessing optimum health through lifestyle, diet and spiritual practices. Ayurveda was cognised as the means to attaining longevity in order to live a life of happiness, fulfilment and purpose.

Over the course of the retreat, you will explore:

  1. The 101 of Ayurveda: Your Health In Your Hands
  2. Your Success Revolution Through Your Authentic Power
  3. The How, Why and What of Self-Love

Robyn Lynch simplifies the how-to of Ayurveda and links it with your birth–rite of Karma, Dharma, Artha and Moksha. There is a way you can reset your life to always be aligned to your true birth-rite, and that way balances on the principles of Ayurveda, Authentic Power and Self-Love.

IYTA Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will happen on Saturday 20 October from 1.30-3.30pm.

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