Finding Meaning, Passion, Purpose in the Pursuit of Happiness – Weekend Retreat

When: Friday, 27 Mar 2020 - Sunday, 29 Mar 2020
Timing: 5pm - 3pm

Where: Beechmont, Gold Coast

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What will you do with your one, precious life?
Can you say “Yes” to what’s next?
Millions of people across the world sense that their life isn’t everything it could or should be. They yearn to discover a calling that speaks to their soul and to live in a way that’s sustainable, creative and contributes to the conscious evolution of the planet.
Attend this weekend and give yourself the opportunity to learn the keys to discovering what you’ve been searching for your entire life, and how to apply this discovery to your daily life.
Life is a conversation
Life is talking. Are you listening? When we understand that life is a conversation, only then will we begin to answer life’s biggest questions. Entering that conversation is not a luxury but a necessity.
Step into the deeper story of your life
When you learn the language of life, things finally make sense as you discover that all of life is moving you towards wholeness. You can then step into the deeper story of your life, which is revealing its true purpose, the call you have come here to fulfil. It will help you live a life of greater fulfilment, deeper relationships and allow you to experience whole new levels of creativity and aliveness.
This is my life.
I was born for this.
I am ready.
I do what I do now
and with complete confidence
that I can and will do it better
than anybody else will do it
because it is my life.
I trust that my connection with my soul
is strong
and will continue to guide me
as it has always done.
I do it because no one else can
or will.
How this transformative retreat can help you
Using inspired and practical strategies, with turn-your-life-around philosophy, heightened creativity, group support, personal attention, and passionate mentoring, this transformative retreat can help you:-
Access your true life purpose
Unleash your calling
And create the work and life you love.
Residential program
27-29 March 2020

Weekend Residential Retreat. Cost depends on accommodation.
Location, Beechmont, Gold Coast. QLD
Contact Shanti Yoga on 07 5531 0511

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