• Conference Special - Yoga King Large Organic Bolster

    Special Price: A$55.00

    Full Price: A$69.95
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    **For Pickup only** - collect at the conference

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    Bulk discount when you order 20 or more: $45 each

    These durable and attractive organic yoga bolsters are created with an organic cotton outer and stuffed with a dense Kapok filling. The outer cover is removable and features a strong and good quality zip that facilitates easy removal. The inner lining is made from calico. Kapok is a natural fibre that has the dual benefits of being water-resistant and environmentally-friendly.

    The entire bolster is expertly stitched and has a beautiful overall finish. They are 75cm long, 23cm in diameter and weigh a solid but practical 2.3kg. The bolsters are firm and supportive while still retaining the comfort of a natural product.

    NB: These bolsters will NOT be shipped, must be collected at the conference venue only