Wind down in winter

by Mary-Louise Parkinson, 05-Jul-2019

Winter is the time to move inward and take stock of how well we are nurturing ourselves. 

Life becomes so busy it is often hard to find the time to be still. My indigenous friend often reminds me that we in the West rarely sit and “listen” to nature, to our inner voice, to our breath. After all, what’s the rush?

In this workshop I will be guiding you to this place, where you can find stillness, to truly listen, to nurture and be comfortable in this stillness. When all else is gone - possessions, people, mobility, this is the place we will come to - a familiar place, of comfort and stillness. This is YOGA.

Mary-Louise Parkinson

I look forward to sharing either the Saturday one day workshop and/or the Sunday morning class with the beautiful people in the community of Toowoomba and surrounds.

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This may be the last one I teach in Toowoomba so I hope to see you on either Saturday 20th and/or Sunday 21st July 2019.