Robyn Clarke


I started yoga in the 1970’s and loved the physicality of yoga and the flexibility achieved through practice, the mind focus attained by linking the breath with asana, the self awareness gained by meditation and the inner peace experienced during relaxation. As I progressed with my practice I began to learn about the physiological benefits of yoga practice and the seed was sewn for my interest in yoga as a healing therapy. I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2002 and have been teaching ever since.  I have my own studio at home and hold small classes (no more than 8 participants) most days of the week. My classes always contain movement, breath awareness and breathing practices, meditation and relaxation. I don’t manipulate or move people “into position” as my yoga philosophy is grounded on the premise that every body is unique, and I provide modifications/variations for every practice. I also teach mudras (special hand/ body positions), and mantras (special yoga chants), along with yoga philosophy and physiology so that students can deepen their knowledge and understanding.

I qualified as a stretch therapist in 2007 and a yoga therapist in 2011. I also have a graduate diploma in Back Care (2011), and I am a certified  laughter yoga leader.

In addition to group classes, I run one on one classes, workshops, and yoga therapy sessions. I am particularly interested working with people suffering from stress, anxiety, dementia and cancer diagnosis and treatment.